27 January 2016

私に届け (Reaching Me; a Kimi ni Todoke fanfic)

Ayane put her hand on my shoulder.  I hadn't heard her come up.  As I looked at her, startled, she said, "You can't have Kazehaya."  I was scowling, expecting her to gloat, to rub my face in it.  Instead, she looked almost sad, though it wasn't pity.  She took her hand away, and went on, "But you know, it'd be different if I were a guy, wouldn't it?  If I were... I'd accept all your dirty little secrets."

I blushed, looked away.  I had behaved so badly.  "That's none of your business." I wiped a tear from my eye.  "It's just... when I thought I could finally get out of this, I felt relieved."  I took a step, but her hand was on my elbow.

"Here," she said, holding out a folded handkerchief. "I know," she said.  She didn't look away from me as I wiped my eyes.  "Go away, Kento," she said, quietly.

"Oh," he said, and, "uh," and then he nodded, stepping through the door, disappearing.

"If I were a guy," she said, "would you cry on my shoulder?"

I took a deep, shuddering breath.  "Please," I said, looking down.  She had every right to hate me for what I had done to her, to hurt her friend.

She reached out with her left hand, took mine, gently.  "I accept all your secrets," she said.  "Even that one."

And then, my forehead was against her shoulder, and I was crying.  Her arm went around me, and it felt... right.  "Don't be a guy," I said.

"Alright," she answered.  "I'll just be me.  And you just be you."  And we were.