01 March 2017

Fan Art! No Doom!

Hey, y'all! I got fan art! Woo!

Laya, an actual design student from New Zealand, did this image of Ran and Hana on their first date! It's so beautiful, I'm in awe! She's perfectly captured them, their outfits... everything about that moment!

You can find Laya's "Underrated W|W Book Series" art on her Tumblr, and she also sells prints of the images! Also? She has a new webcomic!

As for Ran and Hana, they're the primary characters of my own Flowers of Luna, available now in eBook and Hardcopy from Amazon.com

1 comment:

Susan said...

Now that's just too cool! Great to get any fan art, but fabuloso to get something so perfect!