24 February 2012

The Characters... of Doooom!

I've been spinning Blackrock Fief around in my head.  (You spin me right 'round, right 'round like a record, baby...).  I've decided that, for long-term viability, I'm going to borrow a technique from Escape From Terra -- to whit, everything will not be a single, continuing story.  It will be episodic, with episodes told from the point of view of various, closely related characters.  Not unlike a Kage Baker novel, actually, now that I come to think of it.  

Blackrock Fief initially appears to be a Japanese neo-feudal society with robots in the lowest social orders.  Truths about the Fief will be exposed as the series goes along.  Most of the exposition will happen in segments told from the perspective of Suzuki Umeko, like the initial teaser you can find by looking back through the archives here.

So here is a Personae Dramaticus for the characters I need to design first:

  • Umeko: 8 year old girl, the youngest child of the Suzuki family.  Viewpoint character for the first segment.
  • Sakura: 25 year old woman, oldest child of the Suzuki family.  She's getting married in the first segment. A constable.
  • Hikaru: 17 year old boy, middle child of the Suzuki family.  Training to be a Samurai under the tutelage of Uncle Happy. Sometimes sullen, resentful of Sakura's easy authority, but loves his sisters very much.
  • Kimiko: Adult woman.  Mother of Sakura, Hikaru, and Umeko; wife of Ken'ichi. Appears the same age as her eldest daughter.
  • Ken'ichi: Adult male.  Father of the siblings, also appears mid-twenties. Samurai, wears two swords through his obi.
  • Uncle Happy: Adult male.  Hikaru's sensei in the arts of war and philosophy.  A bit tsundere. Fond of the Suzuki siblings, but believes children should be seen and not heard.
  • Nomin-San: The ubiquitous robots.  1.5 meters tall, white plastic and purple-anodized aluminum.

I've already done a little bit of design work, and here's a preview of the Nomin-San robots:

As always, I'm interested in any feedback you have to offer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the cast of characters. I know I will refer to it until I get my bearings in the story. You already know what I think of the Nomin-San. Was his hat blue before? I like how the reflective quality of his face comes through, even in this small picture. I'm looking forward to this. Tails was also somewhat episodic, and I liked that. I'm sure I"ll like it here, too.

anirudh said...

Jennifer Linsky you look great

Jennifer Linsky said...

Really? You just blew past all the stuff where I'm asking for feedback about my writing, and compliment me on my papasmurfing profile picture?! Because, what, you thought that I was desperately in need of reassurance about how I frakkin' look?


Susan said...

So, you're happy now and not writing? =)

Jennifer Linsky said...
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Jennifer Linsky said...

I'm working on art. There will eventually be sharing, but not now.