01 February 2012

This is My Blog Thing... of DOOOOOOOOOOM!


Hi! I'm Jennifer! People don't tend to like to say "Jennifer" though, so let me mention right up front that my preferred shortening is Jenny. You see, my family name is Linsky, which is surprisingly Irish, not Polish. But growing up, I early discovered and loved the "Cat Club" books of Esther Holden Averill, and her heroine, Jenny Linsky. I guess I could have rejected that, and wanted to be Jen, or Jeni, or some other version, but instead, I embraced it! I love black clothing, and red scarves with dangly bits!

At the moment, I'm thinking that this blog will mostly be here for people who want to offer comments to me because of my comments someplace else, so this will likely be the only entry. Sorry about that!


Susan said...

Do you want me to tell a friend or two about the blog?

Jennifer Linsky said...

You're welcome to, if you like. Mostly, what I'm looking for is people who will comment on the teasers and tell me what they want more of. I'm trying to figure out which direction to go.