22 February 2017

New Interview, Now with Less Doom!

Last year, I wrote an interview with myself, because I've always secretly wanted to be Walt Whitman. Whitman, in case you were not aware, wrote many of the early reviews of Leaves of Grass himself, under various pseudonyms, and got them published in a great many papers.

Anyway, here recently, I sent out review copies of my book, Flowers of Luna, to various reviewers and book bloggers.  One of them, Wendy, decided to interview me instead of reviewing the book. It was a fun experience.

Flowers of Luna is available on Amazon, and through Kindle Unlimited, so if you've already paid your dues for that this month, you can read the book without further financial outlay! And if you've read it and liked it? Please leave a review on Amazon, even if it only says "I liked this book," or "Eh, it was okay-ish." The star ratings you give in the kindle don't count for book rankings; only actual reviews do. This is the reader's superpower... if you'd like me to be able to write more books, help me out by helping this one succeed!

And that's all for the NPR fund drive for today.

If you're on the fence about picking up Flowers of Luna (hey, I've had years where three clams was a lot, too!) and would like to check out some of my writing for free? You're in luck! Some of my short fiction is up on Wattpad, where you can read it for free!

And if you're one of my fans who has read everything, and left comments and reviews everywhere? Thank you! I could do this without you, but what would be the point? It's all about you, baby.  It's all about you.


Susan said...

I'm a fan who has read everything! You should link your fan fic, too!

Jennifer Linsky said...

Hmm. Or transcribe it over to Wattpadd.