13 February 2017

The Cover Art of Doom!

Howdy, folks!

The other day, I mentioned that I have a story up on Wattpad which you can read for free.  Well, Troy Campbell, the artist who did the wonderful chapter head illustrations for Flowers of Luna, took a look at the story, "There Shall be Blood," and announced that the cover illustration I'd come up with for it was all wrong, and he made me a new one.  I'm not entirely convinced that he's right, so I'm letting my readers decide the matter!

Because Blogger doesn't have a straight-forward way to put polls into posts, I created a poll on Google+.  If you'd like to see the art, and voice your choice, that's where to go!

And now, an advertisement to pay the bills: I wrote a Sapphic romance in a hard SciFi setting, Flowers of Luna, which you can find on Amazon! It's only U$2.99 for the Kindle edition, and if you happen to be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it without further expense!


Susan said...

And I realized I had read it, so now I'm trying to decide which way to jump. I like the original best, but Tony's does show Aiko in character, and I like it, too!

Jennifer Linsky said...

I believe that's actually Miyu, but yes, that's true.