24 February 2017

Sneak Peek of Dooooooooom!

Every most many weekends, I take part in #SaturdayScenes on Google+, where I share a snippet of something I've written.  This week, I wrote a scene especially for the event, which may or may not turn into something bigger down the road.

And while it's not Saturday yet, I thought maybe you might like a sneak preview?

“Scientia Dimidium Bellorum?” I asked, trying to figure out how that fit.
“Stab when you have to,” Ren countered. “Offer candy bars when you can.”
“Also?” Maddisyn chimed in, “remember the lesson of Great-Aunt Umeko, and don’t get the two mixed up.”
“It’s really not very effective if you stab them with a candy bar,” Makayla agreed.

Come back Saturday for context!

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Susan said...

Funny! Thanks for the sneak peek!